Defytime Science Ltd

Defytime Science Ltd is a new company that is focused on discovering a radical cure to TEDS or Telomerase Enzyme Deficiency Syndrome.
This syndrome is present in some 100% of humans and can lead to arthritis Alzheimer’s,osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration and many other age related diseases.
Until now, no one has been able to offer any tangible hope in eradicating these life debilitating conditions. Imagine a world where all of these are rarities.
Defytime Science Ltd is based in Auckland New Zealand and has a co‐location agreement with The University of Auckland allowing us access to the many departments and equipment that the University possesses.
Leading this cutting edge research is company director Dr. Bill Andrews. Dr Andrews has worked in the biotech industry for 28 years, focusing the last 15 years on finding ways to extend human lifespan through the intervention of telomere shortening in human cells.
Defytime Science Ltd’s primary focus is to produce telomerase inducing gene therapies for use in the stem cell industry.
Using telomerase inducing gene therapies on these stem cells means they can continue to multiply and expand cells for an indefinite time, thus mini liposuction becomes an obsolete part of the therapy.
In 1997, scientists inserted the telomerase gene into normal human skin cells grown in a Petri dish. When they observed that the telomerase enzyme was being produced in the cells, as hoped, they also observed that the skin cells became immortal:
 ・There was no limit to the number of times these cells could divide.
 ・When the lengths of the telomeres in these "telomerized" cells were examined, the scientists
   were surprised to see that the telomeres didn't just stop shortening:
 ・They got longer. The critical question, then, was whether the cells were becoming
A few years later, scientists inserted the telomerase gene into human skin cells that already had very short telomeres. These cells were then grown into skin on the back of mice.
As one would expect, skin from cells that hadn't received the telomerase gene looked like old skin. It was wrinkled, blistered easily, and had gene expression patterns indicative of old skin.
The skin grown from cells that had received the telomerase gene, on the other hand, looked young! It acted like young skin, and, most importantly, its gene expression patterns, as analyzed by DNA Array Chip analysis, were almost identical to the gene expression patterns of young skin.
For the first time ever, scientists had demonstrably reversed aging in human cells.

Control of telomere length can reverse aging in a living organism

A working animal model is one of the most dramatic and most important proofs of concept for any therapy.
In November 2010, that finally became a reality when a team of scientists at Harvard Medical School led by Dr. Ronald DePinho were able to demonstrate for the first time that turning on telomerase and lengthening telomeres in a living animal will reverse the symptoms of old age in mice.
We are 100% certain the lengthening telomeres reverses aging.
Defytime Science Ltd is currently in preliminary testing of several vectors/plasmids to ascertain which of these particular transporters is the most effective way to deliver our gene therapy to cure TEDS and prohibit ageing of stem cells during division.
This is happening regardless of investment.
By March 2015 we will be ready to commence our initial set up and begin creating our chosen vectors.
Our next step in May 2015 is to begin in vivo tests on human and animal cells to create a technique using the most effective vector for stem cell therapy practitioners to apply to their processes.
As Defytime Science Ltd is based in New Zealand we will begin the launch of our products in the Eastern Asia hemisphere.

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